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n.FORM Mass Notification 


n.FORMTM was innovated to provide superior performance in Mass Notification and Emergency Communication (MNEC) solutions . This superior technology delivers a clearer, more intelligible message and audio signal and offers greater control and flexibility - ultimately delivering a smarter and more secure system.  

Clearer Message
Higher power output delivers a clearer message, which conforms with the Sound Transmission Index for Public Address (STIPA) requirement for speech intelligibility - making it a smarter choice. n.FORM allows Lencore to provide greater intelligibility, unmatched in the industry.

More Flexibility

n.FORM is free of channel constraints and now doubles the capacity output. It also allows up to 6 audio inputs offering flexibility in audio design which enables greater control in overall system design.

Widespread Efficiency

n.FORM provides the ability to carry four times more channels than other systems. It can therefore cover over 6 million square feet with a single system and connect multiple buildings to reach 100% of the people.

Smarter System

This is a low voltage, ungrounded, self-monitoring platform which reads its own temperature, and can report down to a single speaker level providing an intelligent thinking solution, to offer more reliability. It also has a larger, easy to read LED display for quicker locating.

n.FORM System Brochure

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