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Lencore quickly describes how the Integrator Market is prime to take advantage of the $ 11 Billion Mass Notification market with simple, easy to install, UL 2572 listed systems that help achieve NFPA 72 compliance.


Lencore Sound Masking

Every space is unique. But, when it comes to sound masking, Lencore is the leader in the industry, providing both speech privacy and  comfort! 


Lencore's n.FORM Mass Notification System

A well designed MNEC solution will ensure that all intended audiences are well informed and directed to safety through any and all means possible.


Lencore's n.Formant Software for n.FORM

This video describes the capabilities of Lencore's innovative mass notification engineering tool for the n.FORM system. The software is called n.Formant and it speeds information to intelligence by quickly gathering information for entire building systems.


Green Sound

Is all sound masking created equal? At Lencore, we believe that it is not. Our engineered sound provides both speech privacy and COMFORT. It is the quality of sound that makes Lencore the leader in the industry. Experience the Comfort. Experience Lencore.


Hear the Comfort

What we Hear can change how we feel....and what we don't hear, can make us feel more productive, more comfortable and more focused.


People Matter

We envision a world where the workplace is safer and more productive, where communication is instantaneous and clear, where the environment is ideal for individual work and group collaboration. We understand the uniquely human side of technology, how it connects to us and enriches our lives. Experience Lencore.


Spectra i.Net Building Information Modeling (BIM) Offering

An overview of Lencore's Building Information Modeling (BIM) offering for designing in Revit.


Spectra i.Net BIM Offering

Lowe Campbell Ewald Project

Local News highlights the Lowe Campbell Ewald project at Ford Field in Detroit, MI featuring Lencore's Spectra i.Net sound masking solution.


Lowe Campbell Ewald Project