Company History + Evolution

Lencore's expertise in acoustics and sound masking had its roots in the early 1970's. Lencore's president, Jack Leonard, then a partner with an electronics firm, co-developed one of the first self-contained sound masking systems.

Between the early 1970's and late 1980's, Jack's company manufactured and installed thousands of its self-contained sound masking systems while the company continued to produce electronic products for military applications. During this time, Leonard made a concentrated study in the field of acoustics, and many performance refinements to his earliest masking systems.

In 1990, Jack and his son, Jonathan, formed a partnership and a new company, Lencore Acoustics Corp., that would focus solely on acoustical products and providing acoustical solutions.

Because of Jack's nationwide reputation as an acoustic solution provider, the new company was immediately on the fast-track, and grew rapidly. Lencore's manufacturing capacity expanded substantially with the purchase of a new plant in upstate NY that provides jobs for many.

Lencore's product development evolved throughout the 1990s and into the new millennium, resulting in its award winning Spectra® systems - the only system with E-Sound® and IndePage™ technologies. And Lencore's manufacturing capabilities add yet another unique facet to the company's ability to customize products and services.

Meeting industry trends for network controllable systems, Lencore has revolutionized the sound masking industry and provides both in-plenum and direct-field networked sound masking, paging & music systems.

Client Services

Beyond its quality product lines, Lencore has worked to provide unparalleled customer service. The company credits its national and international success to its team of representatives and their outstanding service. Every Lencore representative takes client satisfaction seriously - and customizes their services to manage all of their clients' acoustical challenges, on projects large or small.

Lencore continues to be highly-regarded, and is proud to bring its worldwide client base masking systems that are unmatched in maintaining speech privacy and as importantly, in delivering sound quality that is truly the most comfortable available.


Lencore sound masking systems are custom designed to fit a variety of site conditions and applications and is used in open and closed plan offices with or without ceiling tiles. Lencore's sound masking is used in office, healthcare, financial, government, legal, religious, military and call center environments.

Lencore's system is applicable for new construction, retrofits, and designed to meet all local codes. It's easy to add paging/music - all four systems are designed to incorporate paging/music which eliminates bulky wiring and uses the same set of speakers that produce masking. Lencore's superior paging capabilities can be used as an all call or zone paging or both and wherever life safety issues are of concern.


Lencore offers speech privacy, acoustical comfort, increased productivity and greater efficiency. Requiring no on-going maintenance, the Lencore system has a 20+ year life expectancy.


Lencore's award winning sound masking is UL Listed, energy-efficient, low-voltage and comes with a 10-year full warranty from date of installation. The system has tuning capabilities of +/- ½ dB and features independent and central volume control and a 24/7 Programmable Timer.

Performance Capabilities

The temporal and spatial uniformity of Lencore's Spectra® Sound Masking is unmatched in the industry and proven to meet ASTM standards for speech privacy.

Green Design

Lencore products are manufactured in the U.S. with high levels of recycled content and within strict environmental guidelines.

Sustainability Features of the Lencore System

Low Voltage - only requires 16/18v AC, 60 Hz to operate.

Energy Efficiency - Lencore is an award winner for Energy and the Environment and Energy Efficiency. The system's on-going energy costs are negligible. The electricity required to operate a Lencore system that supports 50,000 square feet for a year would be equivalent to that of a 60 watt light bulb for the same time period.

Recycled Content - Manufactured with over 50% recycled aluminum.

Environmentally Friendly - The Lencore system is digitally engineered to provide an unobtrusive and comfortable sound. The pleasant and uniform introduction of sound masking into office spaces contributes positively to the overall environment. When office noise is reduced, worker satisfaction increases and stress levels are reduced.1

Productivity - Studies have shown that sound masking in addition to a high performing ceiling tile can create more effective workspaces. Some studies have shown increases in productivity from 3- 20%.2


*1 ATCO Case Study

*2 Knight Ridder Case Study