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4 Key Selection Criteria for Mass Notification Systems


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keeping your employees safe is one of the most important priorities for a business. A mass notification and emergency communication system provides your staff the few critical moments necessary for reaction in the event of an emergency. At Lencore, we understand that contacting each individual appropriately is of the utmost importance, and we focus our mass notification systems around four guiding criteria: reach, clarity, redundancy and reporting.
 We work closely with your team to review and map the overall space to be covered, ensuring that each Acoustically Distinguishable Space (ADS) has full coverage by zone that considers the different types of spaces within the facility and how sound behaves within those spaces. We take the global and local communication needs of the organization into account as we formulate a plan to reach 100% of the intended audience to inform and direct.
 Reach isn't necessarily just audio, but can have a visual component that helps to amplify the message as well. Our systems meet the design intent of the National Fire Protection Association's standards (NFPA72), and allow the systems to be triggered not only in the event of a fire but also for human-related threats and weather emergencies. Performance levels are maximized in the event of an emergency, so you can feel confident in the knowledge that your mass notification system will cover the eventuality.
Clarity of message is also of critical importance. How can you be sure that not only is the message heard in all corners of your organization, but that the message itself offers clear and consistent guidance on the steps that individuals must take to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them? We provide guidance and work closely with your organization to develop messages that come straight to the point and that offer concise, professional communications with specific directions.
Redundancy means system operability. When you backloop your system to be sure that message delivery occurs multiple times, you're increasing the chances that your staff will be able to make it to safety in the event of an emergency. Our redundancy measures are put in place to prevent the loss of signal to a specific location if wires are cut or a portion of a building is damaged.
Simply hearing an announcement once means that there is a chance that it could be simply ignored. Redundancy is not just sending the same message — by the same channel — multiple times. Instead, redundancy means getting the message across with any means necessary and through multiple delivery methods whenever possible. If your primary mode of communication is audio, it may be important to include a visual form of communication as well such as text messaging or emails to ensure that the directions have been received by all team members.
Reactive reporting is standard for mass notification systems, so you will know immediately when and where a failure occurs so you can take action. We take it a step further by allowing proactive reporting that constantly reviews your system for potential future failure points and anything that could impact system performance.
Understanding the selection criteria of reach, clarity, redundancy and reporting are the first step towards ensuring that you select the right mass notification system for your particular needs. At Lencore, we do all the heavy lifting required to set up and configure your system. Our recommendation will include a variety of audio and visual delivery mechanisms that ensure that your audience is well-informed and directed to safety by utilizing any and all means necessary.
Our warranty and preventative maintenance programs keep your systems operating, tuned up and optimized, and our technicians will work with you every step through installation and beyond.
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