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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

(WOODBURY, NY and Venice, CA) For over 25 years, Lencore’s study of productivity and privacy has shaped the evolution of technology in the office to deliver the greatest systems for employee environments. With a strong history of growth and development within the industry, and a commitment to research and development, Lencore has seen incredible standardization in major corporate campuses across the world. And, Lencore continues to focus on making people’s lives better.

With a technology forward mindset, Lencore delivers the next evolution of productivity technology with Lengo! Along with Lencore’s sound masking technology, Lengo delivered by Focus@Will enhances all employees, from Millennials to Executives, productivity levels for concentrated periods – improving focus for individual tasks.

Lengo delivered by Focus@Will works by delivering specially designed music that has been proven to exponentially increase concentration in employees who’ve used it. With over 50 channels to choose from, Lengo delivered by Focus@Will dramatically increases attention and focus for tasks requiring deep thought. Describing the direction of the service release, Jonathan Leonard, President, stated, “Lencore has always been on the leading edge of productivity and comfort and this new service offering further demonstrates our primary focus, people. We believe that today’s environment requires creative thinking at the individual level in order for companies to not just retain employees but set them free to exceed.”

The co-branded partnership leverages a national corporate distribution for a personal productivity product enjoyed by many in academia, STEM, and noisy offices. “Employees from Tesla, Google, Amazon, NASA and others have been using focus@will for years, yet finding us has largely been via word of mouth and direct to consumer marketing.” says Will Henshell, Co-founder and CEO of Focus At Will Labs. “Lencore’s leadership in the customization of commercial privacy and collaborative spaces will activate many more team members who will find fewer distractions and higher productivity.”
As the workforce evolves for productivity, Lencore is also evolving the thought process for engineering a space and allowing collaborative environments and individual work to co-exist. From sound masking to safety to individual productivity, Lencore solves for not just the facility objectives but the individuals’ needs as well – something no other company brings to the industry. For more information on Lencore or the growth of Sound Masking Solutions, please contact the Lencore Marketing Department at 516-682-9292 or by email at
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