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Lencore's 2017 Resolutions


Friday, February 24, 2017

At Lencore, our overarching belief that drives everything we do is the idea that people matter. That's why our entire business and the services/products we offer are dedicated to helping people feel more comfortable, productive and safe in their work environments. We believe you cannot separate technology from the people who use it; the two are inextricably connected, with technology having the ability to enrich our lives and connect us in ways never thought possible.

Still in the first few months of 2017, we thought this was a fitting time to consider our own company's resolutions for the new year.

Manufacturing Systems and Products That Improve Lives

The American workplace has evolved significantly over the course of the past decade. Today, what we are seeing more and more is that businesses are abandoning the traditional idea of separated and segmented workspaces, trading in cubicles and individual offices for large, open-concept workspaces where collaboration is encouraged.

At the same time, employees need to be able to work on both a group and individual level, which is why we have developed innovative sound masking technology to help make that possible. Through the use of sound masking equipment, such as strategically placed speakers and ambient noise at just the right decibel, we can create more private and productive workspaces without adding walls or cubicles.

We are constantly developing our sound masking technology, and will continue to do so throughout 2017 in an effort to provide more employees with equipment that transforms their lives in the workplace.

Maintaining a Future-Forward Thought and Development Process

At Lencore, we're always focused on improvement and never settling for "good enough." We have seen throughout the years how quickly things can change (including the "typical" workplace), so we're always taking a future-forward approach and trying to think a few steps ahead. That's why we never stop developing, testing and improving our equipment and systems. In 2017, we will continue with our future-forward thought and development processes, continuing to provide our clients with innovative technology and workplace solutions that solve problems that a company may not even yet realize exists.



Continuing to Improve Workplace Safety, Comfort and Productivity

Finally, through the use of our sound masking and mass notification systems, Lencore will continue to work towards improving workplace safety, comfort, and productivity. Privacy and comfort are core to sound masking, and safety is at the heart of our mass notification systems. We believe strongly in the notion that every worker deserves to feel comfortable, safe and at-ease in his or her workplace. Today, safety and comfort are more important than ever. When workers feel like they have secure spaces to work, they're able to be more productive and they tend to have better outlooks on their jobs and employers. In this sense, we believe that our technological systems and products can have a positive impact on the human workplace experience.

What resolutions have you made for your workplace and its employees this year? Think that your workers enjoy the peace of mind and comfort that comes with greater security and privacy in the workplace? If so, we'd like to speak more with you about our offerings, both in terms of sound masking and mass notification systems.

Feel free to contact our team today to find out more about what we can do for you. We proudly offer free quotes and demonstrations so you can see first-hand how our technology can improve the human experience at your place of employment. From there, we can help you deliver on your own new year's resolutions to create greater comfort and improved workplace safety to your biggest assets.



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