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Spring Cleaning for Your Office


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring is right around the corner (except maybe for the Northeast!)—and for many businesses, spring presents a great opportunity to re-work existing workspaces to better serve employees and boost productivity. Whether you're looking to completely reconfigure and overhaul your space or are simply looking to declutter, simplify and improve, Lencore has the right solutions for your company's needs.

Keeping Up With a Changing Workplace Landscape

More than ever, businesses are moving away from "traditional" workspaces that separate employees through cubicles and offices. This is falling out-of-trend in favor of open, collaborative workspaces—thanks in part to an influx of millennial employees hitting the workforce in recent years. These "open quiet" spaces allow for easier collaboration and interaction between employees and also help to maximize square footage inside any commercial business space.

With the warmer months of spring approaching, many businesses find themselves brainstorming ways to transform work environments and bring new energy into an existing space. If this sounds like something your business could benefit from, this could be a great time to consider making the transition to open workspaces.

Of course, while these work spaces come with their inherent benefits, as outlined above, they also present some unique challenges—particularly in regards to privacy in the workplace. When employees are working in these open spaces, it becomes increasingly difficult for workers to retain individual privacy and "tune out" nearby conversations among other workers. Combine this with the fact that the average worker requires up to 20 minutes to refocus after being distracted on-the-job and you've got potential for a real problem as you transition to an open workspace.

Could Your Workplace Benefit From Sound Masking?

This is where sound masking technology comes in. Sound masking refers to the technological introduction of unobtrusive, ambient noise into a workspace to seamlessly "drown out" conversations and result in a quieter workspace that's conducive to both collaboration and productivity. Specifically, sound masking systems are comprised of state-of-the-art speakers, tailor fit to meet the demands of your unique workspace.

There are numerous potential benefits of installing a sound masking system as you make the transition to an open workplace, including:

  • reduced stress levels for workers
  • up to 20% increased efficiency and productivity
  • greater privacy for workers
  • more comfortable workspaces overall
  • increased job satisfaction and retention

The Lencore Sound Masking Difference

At Lencore, we specialize in engineered sound masking solutions to suit your company's specific needs. No matter how big or small the workspace or the dynamics of your place of employment, we can create a unique solution for you. Specifically, we offer both networked and non-networked sound masking systems to suit businesses of just a couple hundred square feet to several million square feet. Our Spectra Sound Masking systems create ambient background noise to mask conversations and other potentially distracting noises in your workspace. The sound is programmed at just the right decibel levels to be effective while remaining unobtrusive to the human ear.

As your facility's floor plans and layout potentially change this spring, make sure you're not sacrificing your workers' privacy or comfort in the process. By choosing a sound masking solution from Lencore, you can rest assured that you're creating a workspace that is beneficial to all. Not to mention, all of our sound masking system configurations are fully adaptable to change and the design layout moves easily with the building occupants.

To find out more about our sound masking services and get a jump-start on spring cleaning for your office, contact Lencore today! We'd also be happy to provide you with a free demo and quote for our services.




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