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The Human Side of Technology & Its Ability to Change an Organizational Culture


Friday, February 24, 2017

At Lencore, our end goal is always to provide employees with safer, more productive and more comfortable work environments through the use of technology. Specifically, our innovative sound masking systems and mass notification platforms work to transform workplaces. Still, as we strive to develop some of the most innovative sound and communication technology available today, we never lose sight of our driving belief in the human side of technology and how it enriches our lives.

In this sense, Lencore does not develop technology for technology's sake—but with a concentrated effort to understand the impact technology has on an employee's everyday life. With each decision we make, we consider the employee's perspective and thus focus our efforts on developing products and systems that will produce an end result which improves experiences in the workplace.

Sound Masking With Lencore i.Net and Classic

Today's workplaces are changing rapidly; where cubicles and compartmentalized offices used to be considered "the norm," open workspaces are taking over due to a rising demand from Millennials and other generations of workers to be involved in a collaborative environment. The drawback, however, to these open workspaces is that they don't loan themselves to much privacy—particularly as it relates to sound. This, in turn, can result in a lack of productivity, in addition to frustration and a lack of overall comfort.

Spectra i.Net sound masking technology is the technological solution to this very real, human problem. Through the use of specialized speakers and carefully calibrated ambient noise, we can create more comfortable and productive workspaces. Whereas other technology manufacturers design based on their specific limitations, Lencore prides itself in having the broadest product portfolio from networked to non-networked systems. This broad portfolio reflects the ever-changing needs of our customers without sacrificing sound quality in the process.

n.FORM Mass Notification Emergency Communications

Our mass notification and communication system, known as n.FORM, follows a similar approach. The need to feel safe in the workplace is a top priority for any employee—and workers who don't have that sense of security and safety will simply not be able to perform to their best standards. This is where Lencore's commitment to understanding the human side of technology comes into play. We're constantly testing and evaluating new designs and systems to communicate effectively and efficiently with building occupants - the ultimate goal being to keep them safe. Various triggers and controls available through our mass notification emergency communications systems help to fulfill that essential need of any worker to feel safe and comfortable in his or her environment—especially in today's unpredictable (and often scary) times. Our communications system can notify in the event of terror threats, weather patterns and other catastrophic events.

Always Focusing on the Human Aspect

At Lencore, all of the decisions we make when it comes to developing and improving upon our products are made with the all-important human element at the forefront. Through the development of various technological systems, such as sound masking and mass notification systems, we truly believe we can impact an organization's culture with our philosophical approach. We see day in and day out just how much of an impact technology can have on a person's life, and vice versa. Our focus then, is on continuing to transform environments to better people's lives by providing greater privacy, comfort, and overall safety.

To find out more about Lencore's sound masking and mass notification system offerings, contact us today. We're happy to set up a free demonstration or answer any questions you may have about our products, services, or philosophy.





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