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JANUARY 2015- Newsletter


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Lencore 2015

We are excited about 2015! This year Lencore will emphasize our brand, improving the customer experience, training and new products! We have already released new packaging on some of our products in order to enhance the Lencore name as well as help dealers and installers locate components in the field.

Lencore will innovate and raise the level of comfort in our sound - taking further strides away from our competition. We look to improve your experience with us in process and communication - such as with short video newsletters! 2015 should be an exciting year and we are thrilled to have you as part of the team!



BICSI Winter is around the corner! Lencore will feature a 10x20 booth at the Orlando World Center Marriott from February 23rd-26th. This event will allow us to network with individuals from every sector of the ITS industry ranging from high level executives and owners, to installers and technicians in the field. We are excited to educate this audience on how they can easily extend their systems and businesses to add more value with our turn key solutions.

Spread the word and help drive opportunities to our booth # 1023. Lencore has also secured a speaker engagement titled "Emerging Trends Creating Business Opportunity" on Wednesday February 25th from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

Our 2015 East Coast Regional Sales Meeting will be held in conjunction with Bicsi on February 25th. This one day meeting will mirror the West Coast Sales Meeting held in Anaheim last September and will focus on sales strategies, competitive positioning, and resources available. Invitations have already been sent!



Brad Betts and the Great Lakes Architectural Products Group team successfully completed a 122,000 square foot project in Detroit, MI with the harshest, open plan conditions ever known! The only known method of controlling the noise was with Lencore's Spectra i.Net Sound Masking Solution. So, we turned it into a case study and captured the media's five-minute video review!

Lowe Campbell Ewald (LCE) returned to Detroit and wanted a fresh start, but also wanted to maintain the historic, industrial warehouse architecture grounded in their roots. Creating acoustically comfortable spaces, while building out 122,000 square feet on five floors, and integrating sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood posed a real challenge. With primarily open plan design, no fabric partitions and hard surfaces, sound would not find refuge in absorptive materials. Lencore's Spectra i.Net system solution was chosen to combat the problem. Please take a moment and visit our Resource Center to read the entire success story!


777 Sales Contest Winners
Lencore’s 777 JACKPOT OF ALL JACKPOTS Sales Contest ended in early December. Jonathan was in Vegas (broadcast on ESPN 8 - "The Ocho") and announced the winners of the $777 gas cards for hitting the following jackpots:

Jackpot 1: Staci Savaglio was the first to sell a complete n.FORM MNEC system. Outstanding job Staci (stated in a clear, intelligible sound)!

Jackpot 2: Rob Bongiorno sold the most i.Net upgrades. Congratulations Rob (and yes, you can have paging and music with your sound masking)!

Jackpot 3: Dan Jacobs! (just kidding.) Although we have quoted a significant number of Loud Voice Speaker Arrays, no sales were recorded during the contest. Double down and keep selling as we continue to garner interest!

Congratulations to our winners! The check (gas card) is in the mail. No, really!

For more information regarding the contest, please contact djacobs@lencore.com


Lencore's FASTPASS+ program was highlighted in our September newsletter to promote less wait time when an issue or question arises. Please note the following update:

For Wiring Diagrams, Line Diagrams or Flow Diagrams, contact Jennie Soria. Jennie should also be the contact for submitted purchase orders, shipment status and expedited shipments. We will continue to update you as needed!


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