With the introduction of Lengo, Lencore is able to help increase productivity on the individual level! Lengo embraces the diverse work habits of the individual and creates a means for short term concentration when heads-down work is required.  

Scientifically proven to increase focus and reduce distractions, Lengo's individual productivity service works in tandem with Lencore's sound masking solutions, delivering privacy and comfort for larger office environments.   



How It Works:

Scientists have discovered that an individual's  personality dictates a specific type of “music”, that when engineered right, puts that individual's brain into a “flow state” making that person hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.

Upon initial use, Lengo will ask the user a few questions, determine the perfect music for that user,  and suggest the scientifically engineered music channel that will increase their focus by up to 4 times. 

The user will still have access to over 50 other channels, but will know exactly what channels provide optimal levels of productivity for their unique personality.


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Lengo Offers:

  • Over 50 diverse channels
  • Thousands of hours of diverse tracks exclusively commissioned and remixed

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