Paging Horn

Supervised Paging horns are available for Mass Notification Systems when a surface mounted speaker is desired or necessary due to site configuration or condition. Part of Lencore’s n.FORM™ System, this plug-n-play paging horn is monitored, and should it become disconnected from the system, an email will be generated in order to notify the operator that a failure occurred. 


These horns attach directly to Lencore’s Operating Platform, with up to 16 horns per OP, and are typically specified in areas where the ambient background noise is already greater than 50 dB. These areas might include cafeteria areas where no ceiling tile is present. 

The horns have a dispersion of 70° H × 90° V.

Paging speakers are also available for offices, conference rooms, public areas, cafeterias, and other enclosed areas where aesthetics is a concern.