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Rack Mounted Headend Enclosure  

Lencore’s i.Net Headend Rack unit replaces all the bulky headend equipment associated with sound masking, paging & background music. The i.Net Headend Rack Unit meets the UL2572 standard and therefore is accepted to interface with a fire alarm control panel (FACP) with the intent to shutdown the masking and reinforce the emergency communications in the event of an emergency. 


The i.Net headend is complete with network, telephone, audio, serial and digital inputs. The headend system controller is the standard in the industry for configurator controls used to manage the system. The system manager is used to control sound masking devices and zones for volume, contours, EQ’s, and diagnostics. The system manager is also used to control devices for audio and paging for volume, EQ’s, zones and diagnostics. The included system manager has many features, such as unique users with passwords, log books, timers, address books for multiple building sites and much more.   

This packaged approach can be used in conjunction with the i.Net Operating Platform to sit in an IT, MDF or IDF closet. Features Include: 

  • An integral keypad for user input and setup
  • Integrated LCD screen for displaying information
  • Service port
  • Up to 3 Pre-Recorded messages can be triggered via phone or digital input
  • 3 push buttons for quick triggering of pre-recorded messages
  • Paging zone override push buttons for microphone paging
  • Hand-held CB-MIC for paging and testing
  • LED indicators for: Power, audio input levels, fault status, processors status, relays status
  • Limited Cloud server connection
  • Internal speaker for audio output feed monitoring
  • Front panel push button controls for prerecorded messages, and zone paging

Rack Mount Headend Enclosure Data Sheet

Rack Mount Headend Installation and Operations Manual

Headend Configurator User Manual


Wall Mounted Headend Enclosure

For privacy, comfort, paging, audio and mass notification, Lencore i.NetHeadend offers clients the Engineered System Solution Enclosure. This packaged approach provides clients with an enclosure that houses all of the system’s head-end equipment completely preinstalled and wired. 

Typically installed in the Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), Main Distribution Frame (MDF), telephone or electrical closet, the enclosure is specified for inclusion with every Spectra i.Net ® and n.FORM™ sound masking, paging, audio and mass notification system. Customization to the system packages can be made based on the specific features and capabilities a client requires and the appropriate equipment installed in the enclosure.

The Engineered System Solution Enclosure packages are available in either wall mounted or rack mounted (3RU drawer option) for flexibility and ease of installation