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Rack Mounted Headend Enclosure

Lencore's n.FORMTM Headend simplifies system design. The headend is pre-wired with standard system functionality such as pre-recorded messaging, text-to-speech, and variable audio inputs. This standardized system runs on an open-protocol platform which makes integration with third party systems simple, easy and effective.   


This packaged approach is available in a rack mounted unit, and can be used in conjunction with the n.FORM Operating Platform Rack Unit to sit in an IT, MDF or IDF closet. Features Include:

  • Local and Global MPI
  • Text to speech
  • Pre-recorded messages
  • All features of the MPI-6
  • 3 mic pre-amps
  • Zone control relays for aux devices
  • External serial port for 3rd party device interface
  • On board i.LON SmartServer
  • Cloud server connection
  • Diagnostic keypad and display for monitoring several internal health parameters as well as setting up the unit.
  • Front panel push button controls for prerecorded messages, and zone paging.

Rack Mount Headend Enclosure Data Sheet

Rack Mount Headend Installation and Operations Manual

Headend Configurator User Manual

Wall Mounted Headend Enclosure


Our Wall Mounted Headend Enclosure is also available for projects where remote connectivity, Cloud Server Connection and a few additional features are not required. This headend also sits in the intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF), Main Distribution Frame (MDF), telephone, electrical or IT closet and comes pre-installed and pre-wired, like the rack unit shown above.

Customization to the system packages can be made based on the specific features and capabilities a client requires and the appropriate equipment installed in the enclosure.

Headend Enclosure Data Sheet