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n.FORM Operating Platform 

The heart of the n.FORM engineered system solution for Mass NOP2 Notification and Emergency Communications (MNEC) is the n.FORM Operating Platform,, the primary sound source that produces, equalizes and distributes the sound for masking, music and paging.  

Each OP:

  • Contains eight (8) output channels of masking and audio
  • Can drive a secondary (slave) OP with an additional eight (8) channels
  • Priority is programmed at the OP level
  • Monitors the amplifiers for status and condition
  • Monitors speakers and identifies number of speakers per channel
  • Monitors internal temperature – predicting thermal issues

The n.FORM OP sound frequencies and contour can be adjusted and set to any point on the acoustical curve, from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, making fine-tuning the entire spectrum of sound possible.

Furthermore, the multi-drop system and network is intelligent enough to bypass any failure in the system to keep communicating throughout the entire network.  Point-to-Point networks cannot achieve this level of connectivity and diagnostic control. Groupings of sound sources and channels let you customize an almost limitless number of zones for mass notification, masking, paging and music, while maintaining the advantages of complete networked operation and control.

Features and Capabilities

The remote control or i.LON® sends information and directions up to each OP within the network for system tuning and modifications.

The OP displays information on its new, larger, integrated LED display, including the specific address of the respective enclosure.  This address aids in locating the correct OP in the ceiling plenum, when checking or modifying the system.

The OP checks during a diagnostic test for system performance, including the operation of the network, program, memory, power, and characteristics of sound masking.

  • Each channel on the OP functions independently, and provides four non-coherent random sound sources per OP.  Each OP is exactly incoherent from all other OP's

Integration of Separate Paging and Music Channels

Each channel can be digitally controlled for zone management and changed on the fly without any change in wiring.


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