n.FORM™ Operating Platform (OP) Rack Mount

The n.FORM OP Rack Mount delivers superior intelligible messaging, quadruples the number of speakers from one operating platform and has four times the number of channels, compared to the i.Net® OP – creating coverage up to 6 million square feet per system.

The unit meets UL 2572 standard and therefore is accepted as part of a mass notification system.   



Each Operating Platform includes: 

  • Multiple sound masking sources which produce a sound that is random, making it exceptionally comfortable.
  • Independent equalizers provide unprecedented tuning where every channel of the system has a separate 1/3rd octave band equalizer or parametric equalizer.

The multi-drop system and network is intelligent enough to bypass any failure to keep communicating throughout the entire network. Point-to-Point networks can not achieve this level of connectivity and diagnostic control.

Strong Flexibility

Groupings of sound sources and channels let you customize an almost limitless number of zones for masking, paging and music, while maintaining the advantages of complete networked operation and control.

Highlighted Features

  • Each channel on the OP functions independently, and provides 16 non-coherent random sound sources per OP. Each OP is exactly
    incoherent from all other OP's. Up to eight speakers can be programmed per channel.
  • An integral keypad for user input and setup, configuration and diagnostics
  • Removable rack mounting brackets
  • Each unit has 16 speaker channels with RJ45 connectors
  • 6 audio inputs can be routed to any channel
  • Temperature monitoring for amplifier
  • LED indicators for: Power, DSP (Status), Neuron Activity & Service, Fault

Learn More

n.FORM OP Rack Mount Data Sheet 

n.FORM OP Rack Mount Installations & Operations Manual