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The Lencore Smart Switch provides total data and audio redundancy to any n.FORM™ system. This feature (system redundancy) is key to providing an added element to ensuring data delivery. In the case of emergency communications this feature gives clients tremendous confidence that their mass notification and emergency communication messages are consistently received loud and clear.

Lencore’s Smart Switch detects and reports any wire failure or data interruption when paging for mass notification. Should the paging/data transmission fail, the switch automatically reroutes the data and voice so the system’s performance continuity is not affected. The Smart Switch also has complete reporting capabilities to let the user know when and where a break has occurred for ease of troubleshooting. The Smart Switch is connected by Cat5E and is installed between the systems last OP (Operating Platform) and the systems. The Smart Switch is included in every n.FORM™ system package.

  • Reporting Capabilities
    • Email wiring issues
    • i.Lon Data logger
    • LED switch output
  • Enclosure
    • Aluminum Housing
    • Dimensions - 6 1/8" X 4" X 2 3/16"
  • Power Supply
    • 48 VDC - Input Voltage
  • Wire Requirements
    • Cat 5e cable or equivalent for data
    • Solid 16 gauge, 2-conductor wire for screw terminals for power