Talk Back Communicator    

Lencore’s n.FORM Talk Back Communicator mounts to a classroom G8524 wall and is used to send audio over a talk back line to the security office for an individual zone, or all zone emergency communication. Sensors for occupancy movement and peak audio, such as gunshots, are built into the device for indicating real-time activity. An LED indicator push button allows talk back communication with the security office. A green light indicates accessible communication, while a red light indicates the system is unavailable for talk back. A panic button is available for crisis situations - sending an alert signal to the security office for immediate response.


Features and Capabilities

+ Built in occupancy movement sensor for real-time activity
+ Internal Mic tracks peak ambient sound for high acoustical environments 
+ Panic Button for emergency events - sends alert signal to the security office
+ Individual zone/all zone emergency communication functionality

Learn More

Talk Back Communicator Data Sheet

Talk Back Operations Manual