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Emerald Mini Auxiliary OP

Serving as a secondary unit to the Emerald OP, The Emerald Auxiliary OP is a secondary sound source that produces, equalizes and distributes the sound for masking, music and paging.  Each Aux OP:

  • Adds an additional 8 channels to an Emerald OP (EOP)
  • Monitors the OP's status and condition

The multidrop system and network is intelligent enough to bypass any failure in the system to keep communicating throughout the entire network.  Point-to-Point networks cannot achieve this level of connectivity and diagnostic control.


Groupings of sound sources and channels let you customize an almost limitless number of zones for mass notification, masking, paging and music, while maintaining the advantages of complete networked operation and control.

Features and Capabilities

The remote control or i.LON® sends information and directions up to each EOP which then sends the information to the Secondary Aux OP within the network for system tuning and modifications.

*The Mini Auxiliary OP cannot operate on its own. It is a secondary unit to the EOP and relies on it to function.*

 Emerald Mini Auxiliary OP Data Sheet