Lencore Services | System Solutions for Sound Masking, Paging and Audio

Lencore Services

In addition to its award-winning products, Lencore offers a comprehensive range of services, including:

System Design & Layout — Using specific information relative to your facility and a comprehensive list of questions about your space, Lencore's local and in-house experts customize the sound masking systems for your facility, and recommend the layout including a full installation and wiring diagram, where needed.

Local Lencore Representatives Nationally & Internationally — Local assistance is available in all 50 states and overseas from Lencore's expert representatives, who provide complete project services and support, from acoustical analysis through system installation and tuning.

SPEC™ Acoustical Analysis & Privacy Index Reports — The acoustics in your space, before and after sound masking, are analyzed and detailed via Lencore's Sound and Privacy Evaluation Criteria (SPEC™) software. A Privacy Index Report™ is also generated that specifies the proper levels of sound masking for speech privacy, and documents masking system performance after installation.

Installation Options — Lencore offers several installation options, beginner and advanced training and full guidelines for installation and tuning.

Maintainability — Lencore masking systems have an expected lifetime of 20 years, and after installation and tuning, are virtually maintenance free. Lencore is always available to service your system, should it need to be moved or tuned to accommodate changes in your space as your organization grows or changes.

10-Year Warranty — Lencore provides a full 10-year warranty from the date your masking system is installed.