Buildings Are Getting Smarter... 

Buildings are getting smarter as companies continue to move towards utilizing integrated automated systems that can provide flexible control and remote access features. Lencore has met this trend head-on with its Spectra i.Net® Sound Masking and n.FORM™ Mass Notification Emergency Communication systems. Both networked systems offer unprecedented tuning and adjustment features for sound masking, music and paging, and mass notification through a user-friendly, open platform network interface.

The demand for these systems has risen as open office plans emerge, unintentionally creating unproductive employees. The Spectra i.Net Sound masking system gently raises the ambient background sound in an office environment with a comfortable, uniform, sound that provides speech privacy for the occupants in the space. Maybe more important than the privacy the system delivers, Lencore’s level of comfort in its sound is unsurpassed in the industry and complements the open office designs we see today. When paging is incorporated into the Lencore system, the page smoothly overrides the masking sound to deliver a clear, intelligible signal.

Terror threats, weather patterns, and other catastrophic events that jeopardize employee safety elevate the need for a sophisticated Mass Notification Emergency Communication System. Lencore’s n.FORM solution reaches 100% of the audience, 100% of the time and meets the industry intelligibility standard for STIPA (Sound Transmission Index for Public Announcements).

Each of Lencore’s simple, effective solutions provides productivity, comfort and safety all in one system. What is so revolutionary about Lencore’s systems is their networked capabilities, intuitive technology, and infinite flexibility on an open-platform to suit projects of any size.  The combined innovations of the complete systems – sound sources, speakers, i.LON SmartServer, music page interface, equalizers, Sound Manager, and remote controls provide a new level of customization and performance for networked systems. Lencore’s LON-based systems means easy integration with building automation systems.

Lencore’s Sound Manager graphic user interface simplifies and speeds up the ability to make system adjustments and changes.  The Sound Manager is password protected for secure access and is based on an open-architecture software platform.  It can be configured to be accessed from any desktop computer either on site, or remotely and can be used to initiate the system, make real time changes to group, system or individual settings for volume, contour and equalization for masking , paging and music.

What does this mean to end users?

The business world is changing and so is workplace design. With those changes comes the need to ensure employee safety, productivity and comfort. Sound Masking and Mass Notification are proven solutions which deliver the results your space requires to optimize the return on investment and succeed in employee results.
The future is here and Lencore is prepared to help you navigate it with open networked solutions.