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Understanding Generational Change and Workplace Design


Millennials – that tricky bunch born between 1980 and 2000 represent over 33% of the workforce. Even more, the latest statistic states that by 2030 Millennials will represent 75% of the workforce. So, how are you preparing your workplace to retain this finicky generation?

One finding of the millennial generation is that they insist on open and collaborative workspaces.  This is all great, aside from the fact that these open workspaces also tend to be filled with potential distractions and productivity killers: conversations among workers, phone calls, and miscellaneous desk noise—just to name a few examples. While Sound Masking helps eliminate these distractions by raising the ambient background sound and drowning out unwanted noise, other, detrimental workplace habits such as checking social media or staring off into space may come into play and lead employees astray from their individual tasks. How do employees regain focus to accomplish their individual tasks at hand?

While popping in a headset and blasting Bruno Mars or Kanye West may seem like the perfect solution,  the human frequencies (or sounds resembling human voices)  hinder individual focus and negatively impact productivity levels.

Lengo utilizes specially designed and composed music to increase concentration and reduce distraction. Offering 50 channels of different types of proprietary music, Lengo helps workers avoid both distractions and habituation. Thanks to years of research and experimentation on the effects of certain tempo music on the body's neural circuitry, Lengo is able to help employees reach peak productivity. In fact, studies have shown an increase in anywhere from 200%-400% in focus time in workers who have utilized this technology compared to those who do not. This  could equate to anywhere from 20-120 minutes of dedicated focus and productivity  per employee.

This fully customizable technology, allows each user to adjust the tempo of their music as needed and to switch between all 50 channels as desired. An important component of this music that keeps workers focused is not only the tempo, but the fact that the music is designed to contain zero human frequencies. Furthermore, each station switches up music and tempo about once every 15 minutes to prevent boredom while maintaining focus.

By incorporating Lengo into the workplace, employees are able to enjoy increased individual productivity and elimination of distractions while enjoying all the benefits of open and collaborative workspaces. And when combined with other technology, such as Lencore sound masking, employers have the power to combine this productivity/focus boost with the benefits of increased sound privacy and workplace safety—a win/win/win for all involved.

The Facility Management industry has complained that the FM does not have the ear of the CEO. Understanding generational change and workplace design is a key to opening the door for a conversation. Creating a COMFORTABLE and PRODUCTIVE work environment, not only as a whole, but on the individual level, can lead to employee retention and company growth. Read more about Lengo.