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    i.LON SmartServer

    The Lencore Spectra i.Net® and n.Form systems use the i.LON® SmartServer as the head-end equipment to control the networked systems. The i.LON® SmartServer offers exceptional features, solid construction, plus the flexibility to monitor and control the sound masking from virtually anywhere.

    i.LON SmartServer Data Sheet


    i.LON SmartServer

    Jordna Hub

    Available as part of the Spectra i.Net and n.FORM Systems, the Jordna Hub provides the ability to split the system’s signal and distribute it to multiple points.

    Jordna Hub Data Sheet


    Jordna Hub

    Lencore iPad App

    The Lencore Configurator Ap is used to configure Lencore OP Sound masking devices, as part of the Spectra i.Net system. Currently the application can scan a network for OP devices and allow you to adjust Masking Volume, Masking Contour, Music Volume and Paging Volume. You can also Mute/Unmute Masking, Music and Paging. 


    Lencore iPad App

    Local/Global MPI

    Lencore’s Local Music Page Interface (MPI) allows for priority paging and replaces all the bulky head end equipment that is typically associated with music and paging systems. When connected to Lencore’s Spectra i.Net® System, programming can be set for up to 1.5 million square feet. The MPI allows the ability to use up to 99 individual zones for paging, using standard DTMF tones. The system is also programmed for all-call emergency broadcast paging. Utilizing a client’s existing telephone system (with open ports across multiple buildings), the Global MPI allows a user to send an all-call page to every connected building at once. This allows real time communication for company or campus wide announcements.

    Local/Global MPI Data Sheet


    Local/Global Music Page Interface (MPI)

    Microphone Pre-Amp

    Designed to offer superior paging, the Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is Lencore’s next generation in high performance technology. The Microphone Pre-Amplifier improves vocal clarity for paging and emergency messaging. Each unit incorporates Automatic Gain Control to deliver greater compression and feedback suppression.

    Microphone Pre-Amp Data Sheet


    The Microphone Pre Amp (Automatic Gain Control)


    Music Page Interface (MPI)

    Lencore’s Music Page Interface (MPI) replaces all the bulky head-end equipment that that is associated with music and paging systems. With the MPI there is no need for additional cable home-runs, amplifiers, separate equalizers, special switching equipment or matching vendors for compatible product interfaces.

    MPI Data Sheet


    Music Page Interface (MPI)

    Operating Platform

    The heart of the Spectra® i.Net® is the OP (Operating Platform), the primary sound source that produces, equalizes and distributes the sound for masking, music and paging.

    OP Data Sheet


    Operating Platform (OP)

    Record, Audio, MPEG Player (RAMP)

    MISSING IMAGEDesigned to address paging and mass communication needs, the RAMP™ (Record, Audio,Mpeg Player) offers the necessary features for a variety of audio announcement applications, ranging from public addresses to safety announcements.

    RAMP Data Sheet


    RAMP (Record, Audio, MPEG Player) for Pre-Recorded Messaging

    Smart Switch

    The Lencore Smart Switch provides total data and audio redundancy to any n.FORM™ system. This feature (system redundancy) is key to providing an added element to ensuring data delivery.

    Smart Switch Data Sheet


    Smart Switch

    Spectra i.Net

    iNetThe Engineered System Solution uniquely addresses the proper requirements for sound masking, paging, audio and mass notification for today’s facilities. Each system successfully masks intrusive speech, creates privacy and delivers intelligible paging and audio solutions to ensure intended audiences are well informed and comfortable in their environments.


    Spectra i.Net Technical Overview

    Standard In-Plenum Speaker

    In-Plenum speakers enable the masking to be distributed uniformly throughout the space. Typically hung above the ceiling tiles, the speakers fill the plenum with sound that gently filters into the environment below to create speech privacy.

    Spectra i.Net Speakers (Consolidated) Data Sheet

    n.FORM Speakers (Consolidated) Data Sheet


    Standard In-Plenum Speaker & Ceiling Plate

    Wall Mounted Enclosure

    For privacy, comfort, paging, audio and mass notification, Lencore offers clients the Engineered System Solution Enclosure. This packaged approach provides clients with an enclosure that houses all of the system’s head-end equipment completely pre-installed and wired.

    Wall Mounted Enclosure Data Sheet


    Wall Mounted Enclosure