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Lencore Sound Masking

Every space is unique. But, when it comes to sound masking, Lencore is the leader in the industry, providing both speech privacy and  comfort! 


Green Sound

Is all sound masking created equal? At Lencore, we believe that it is not. Our engineered sound provides both speech privacy and COMFORT. It is the quality of sound that makes Lencore the leader in the industry. Experience the Comfort. Experience Lencore.


Hear the Comfort

What we Hear can change how we feel....and what we don't hear, can make us feel more productive, more comfortable and more focused.


Lowe Campbell Ewald Project

Local News highlights the Lowe Campbell Ewald project at Ford Field in Detroit, MI featuring Lencore's Spectra i.Net sound masking solution.


Lowe Campbell Ewald Project

Sound Manager 2

Learn how this innovative graphic user interface delivers superior features and benefits for the installer and end user. Creating a comfortable, productive environment has never been so easy!


Ceiling Plate Speaker

With direct firing speakers, often is the case that a ceiling plate will be used to allow the suspension system to bear the weight of the speaker. This approved installation system speeds installation in certain applications. Make certain to confirm building codes prior to installation and always properly tie excess speaker wire to the deck.

Ceiling Plate Data Sheet


Ceiling Plate



i.Net Operating Platform

The heart of the i.Net engineered system solution for networked Sound Masking is the i.Net Operating Platform (OP), the primary sound source that produces, equalizes and distributes the sound for masking, music and paging. 

i.Net OP Data Sheet


i.Net Operating Platform




Whether part of a sound masking solution or integrated into a mass notification system, Lencore's speakers install in similar fashion. Although their orientation may alter slightly, the speaker produces an audible signal to create productivity, comfort and safety for employees.

i.Net Speaker Data Sheet

n.FORM Speaker Data Sheet


Speaker Installation



Trouble Shooting

The majority of Lencore's trouble shooting efforts start with testing the cables. Following is a quick review of cable testing for Lencore systems.



Trouble Shooting


    Spectra i.Net Building Information Modeling (BIM) Offering

    An overview of Lencore's Building Information Modeling (BIM) offering for designing in Revit.


    Spectra i.Net BIM Offering