How Does Lengo Increase Individual Productivity?  


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Our team at Lencore recently announced that we would begin offering a new workplace productivity tool known as Lengo to our established offering of productivity, privacy and safety solutions. Specifically, Lengo provides employees with carefully composed and scientifically backed music that, when listened to during work, has been shown to increase individual focus time by anywhere from 200% to 400%.

If your business is looking for ways to increase employee productivity, Lengo is a great place to start. With 50 different music stations to choose from, thousands of hours of unique tracks, and adjustable tempo options, you'll understand right away why "Lengo" is Swahili for "focus."

Lengo's Effect on Individual Productivity

So, how exactly does Lengo's patented technology work to boost individual productivity levels? For starters, its exclusively commissioned and remixed music aims to eliminate distractions and habituations. Specifically, the music itself is designed to increase beta and theta brainwave activity, which is exactly what the body needs to maintain focus levels for extended periods of time. Increased beta waves, for instance, have been found to sustain both focus and overall attentional control, which helps workers drown out potential distractions. Furthermore, increases in theta brainwaves can help the brain focus on specific tasks more closely and for a greater period of time. It is scientifically proven!

Another important component of Lengo's effectiveness with individual productivity is the fact that every 15 minutes or so, the music on each channel changes just enough to provide the brain with the novel stimuli it needs to avoid seeking out distractions without being too significant of a change to pull an employee away from the task at-hand.

Lengo's technology caters to each of your employees' unique personalities, and while each user will have full access to all 50 channels, each employee will receive an individualized list of channel recommendations to suit their personalities and productivity needs. The end result? Lengo's scientifically engineered music can increase your workers' focus by up to four times.

Understanding the Difference Between Lengo and Sound Masking

It is also important to distinguish our new Lengo technology from our existing sound masking technology, as both serve important yet different purposes in the modern workplace. Specifically, sound masking systems are designed to provide greater speech privacy in the workplace, as well as aid focus and productivity on a group level. Where Lengo technology comes into play, then, is at the individual level. This makes Lengo an ideal option for situations where short-term concentration and heads-down work is required in an otherwise open and/or collaborative space.

In the modern workplace, where more businesses are moving away from cubicles and into open workspaces, implementing both a sound masking system and an individualized productivity system like Lengo provides an optimal environment for workers. If your business has been looking for ways to increase individual productivity while still embracing a diverse and collaborative work environment, these technologies can be equally valuable to both you and your employees.

To learn more about how Lengo works at the individual level or to request a quote for implementing this innovative technology into your existing workspace, don't hesitate to contact our team at Lencore today. We'd be happy to schedule a demonstration, provide you with a quote, and answer any questions you may have.







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