Top 5 Company Re-Opening Plan Considerations

Top 5 Company Re-Opening Plan Considerations

We see a light at the end of the tunnel with the COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccinations increase and regulations are lifted, companies are making their
re-opening plans. Here are some top considerations to be looked at before they move people back into facilities:

  1. When is the right time to open: Companies must understand what conditions, both external and internal, must be met before they can move people back into various facilities:
    1. External Rules: Government Rules
    2. Internal Rules Employee Sentiment
  2. Rules to reopen: Companies need to monitor what is going on in the world relative to the pandemic in the surrounding localities as well as how they are handling things internally when it comes mitigating the spread of the virus, which is why communications will be absolutely critical for businesses as they repopulate their facilities with employees.
  3. Workplace health considerations: Proper social distancing:
    1. How to encourage team collaboration while using shared spaces such as conference rooms and huddle areas
    2. How to minimize entry and exit flow
    3. What are visitor protocols?
  4. Testing and Vaccinations: Should companies offer on-site testing and vaccinations and incentivize employees to partake in these programs as part of an overall health initiative?
  5. Alternate plans: If variants break through the vaccine or because the vaccine doesn’t have as long-lasting immunity, do companies have a re-closure plan in place that allows employees to stay productive in a hybrid or remote work environment and ensures people aren’t scrambling as much as they were at the beginning of COVID?


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Joel Griffin, “Key considerations for returning to offices post-Covid” accessed March 15th, 2021,

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