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Data Sheets               


Classic Speakers (Consolidated)      

Model LM4 / LM6 Download

Decorative Desktop Unit

Model LDP160M Download

Decorative Swivel Mount Speaker

Model LP160M / LP160S Download

Decorative Swivel Mount Speaker (RCVC)

Model LP160-RCVC Download

Desktop Unit

Model LDT-6 Download

Flat Top Speaker

Model LM1 Download


Amplifier 20W & 35W

Model APFR20 / APFR35 Download

Telephone Access Paging Module

Model TPAM-24V Download


Transformers (Step Down)

Model 16P40 / 95T-16 / 40T-16 Download


Programmable Timer

Model LPT-2 Download


Tile Bridge

Model TB-4/TB-8 Download


Sound Masking Only Headend (Rack Mounted)

Model G8350 Download

Operating Platform

Quad OP (Operating Platform)

Model G1525 Download

Operating Platform (OP) In-Plenum

Model G525 Download


Music Page Interface (MPI) Rack Unit

Model G1505 Download

Audio Interface

Model G3475 Download

Music Page Interface (MPI)

Model G505 Download

MPI Rack Shelf

Model G623505 Download

Music Page Interface (MPI) Local/Global

Model G505L / G505G Download

Audio Controlled Relay

Model G623AUDIODownload


i.Net Speakers (Consolidated)

Models G545 / G585 *Download

Ceiling Plate Speaker (Standard/Inline)

Model LG035-G545 / LG035-G585 / LG035-G546-INLINE Download

Decorative Fixed Mount Pendant Speaker

Model G870-W / G870-B Download

Decorative Pendant Speaker (Standard/Inline)

Model G875-W / G875-B / G870-INLINE-W / G870-INLINE-B Download

Decorative Swivel Mount Speaker

Model G54 / G54-B Download

Flat Top Speaker

Model G850 / G850-INLINEDownload

Inline Speaker Enclosure / Inline Remote Speaker Enclosure with Volume Control

Model G546 / G586 / G546-REMOTE Download

Outdoor Paging Speaker

Model WKSPKR-15 Download

Paging Horn

Model PGHRN-15 Download

Paging Horn (Indoor/Outdoor)

Model PGHRN-30WP Download

Tangent Speaker

Model G950 / G950-B /G900 /G900-B Download

Transducer Speaker (Masking Only)

Model SDSPKR3 Download

Transducer Speaker

Model SDATS Download

Upward Firing Decorative Speaker

Model G999 Download


Amplifier 20W & 35W

Model APFR-20 / APFR-35 Download

Mixer Amplifier 35W & 60W

Model APFR-35 / APFR-60Download

Mixer Amplifier 120W

Model APFR-M120 Download

Multi-Channel Amplifier

Model APFR-MULTICH250 Download

Multi-Channel Amplifier

Model APFR-MULTICH220 / MULTICH200 Download

Power Amplifier

Model APFR-300 / APFR-2CH1000 / APFR2CH-1500 Download


CPC Disconnect

Model G730 Download

Data Terminator

Model G21 Download

Desktop Paging Microphone

Model MIC-DTP Download

Fiber Receiver/Transmitter

Model G641 / G642  /G643 / G644 Download

Free Topology Terminator

Model G127Download

IP Receiver/Transmitter Enclosure

Model G1070 / G1071Download

IR Hub/IR Wall Controller

Model G964 / G42Download

IR Wall Controller

Model G42Download

IR Touchpad

Model G41Download

Jordna Hub

Model G420 Download

Microphone Pre-Amplifier with Automatic Gain Control

Model G780 Download

Power Supply 48V/24V

Model G-14-P320 / PS-24VDC-4A Download

Remote Control

Model G16 Download

Ring Down Unit

Model G96 Download

Smart Router

Model G145 Download

Timer Relay

Model G727 / G725 Download

Wireless Handheld Microphone System

Model MIC-WRLS-SYSTEM Download

Wireless Lapel Microphone



Din Rail

Model DINRAILDownload

Tile Bridge

Model TB-4 / TB-8Download

Spectra Gold All-Inclusive Unit

Model A1U Download

Direct Fired Tangent Speaker (4-Pack)

Model A2UDownload

Universal Plenum Speaker (4-Pack)

Model A3UDownload

Decorative Pendant Speaker (4-Pack)

Model A4U / A5UDownload

GSA Quick Install Guide - RJ12


Decorative Desktop

Model #GPLDP160Mgsa Download

Direct Fired Speaker (Ceiling Plate)

Model #GPLG035-G19gsa / GPLG035-G85gsa Download

Inverted Speaker

Model #GP19-INVgsa / GP85-INVgsa Download

Inverted Speaker - Chicago

Model #GP19-INVCgsa / GP85-INVCgsa Download

Inverted Speaker - Junction Box

Model #GP19-INVHBgsa / GP85-INVHBgsa Download

Jordna Hub

Model #GPG420gsa Download

Operating Platform (OP)

Model #GP20gsa Download

Power Supply

Model #GPG14-P320gsa Download

Remote Control

Model #GP16gsa Download

Standard Speaker

Model #GP19gsa / GP85gsa Download


Model #GP21gsa Download

Tri-Pod (Seismic) Speaker

Model #GP19-TRIgsa / GP85-TRIgsa Download


Model #95T-16gsa / GP16P40gsa Download

Wall Mounted Sound Masking Unit, Remote Central Volume Control

Model #GPLP160RCVCGSA Download