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Healthcare Enterprises

Managing multiple healthcare facilities requires different noise management and communications solutions for the myriad challenges each environment creates. Lencore’s solutions are the most scalable and adaptable products on the market. Our fully networked systems can communicate across an entire medical campus, yet be tailored to spaces as small and custom as the waiting room window. Our team of acoustical design experts can ensure the required aesthetic is flawlessly executed in every space required.

Sound Masking for Healthcare Enterprises

Healthcare facilities are busy and noisy environments with a variety of activities taking place in different areas. Sound masking can be beneficial in several areas of a healthcare facility to improve patient privacy, reduce distractions, and create a more comfortable and secure environment for both patients and staff.

Here are some areas of a healthcare facility where sound masking can be particularly useful:

Patient Rooms:
Sound masking can be used in patient rooms to ensure that conversations between patients and healthcare providers are not overheard by others in the room or adjacent areas. This can help protect the privacy of sensitive discussions and ensure that confidential information is kept secure. Additionally, sound masking can enhance patient comfort by reducing unwanted noise and allowing for a more restful recovery. A patient’s restful night sleep is a key component in determining a hospital’s HCAHPS scores.

Waiting Rooms:

Sound masking can be used in waiting rooms to reduce distractions and create a more comfortable and relaxing environment for patients and visitors. This can help reduce stress and anxiety and improve the overall experience of waiting for medical appointments, while helping to keep confidential conversation among waiting patients and medical staff private.

Treatment Rooms:
Sound masking can be used in treatment rooms to reduce external noise and distractions, such as conversations in adjacent rooms or equipment noise. This can help create a more conducive environment for medical procedures and improve patient comfort, while protecting patient privacy and reducing overheard conversations.

Administrative Areas:
Sound masking can be used in administrative areas, such as billing or reception areas, to reduce distractions from external noise, such as people walking in the hallway or conversations in adjacent rooms. This can help create a more focused and productive work environment for staff, and keep private conversations with sensitive patient information confidential.

Diagnostic Areas:
Sound masking can be used in diagnostic areas, such as MRI or CT scan rooms, to reduce the impact of equipment noise and create a more comfortable environment for patients undergoing tests.

Whether you’re looking for a single room solution, or a multi-building healthcare campus, Lencore’s scientifically formulated sound masking technology can be a valuable tool for improving patient privacy, reducing distractions, and creating a more secure and comfortable environment throughout healthcare facilities. Our systems are flexible, adaptable, and affordable.

Paging and Audio for Healthcare Enterprises

Clear and effective communication is important for all businesses, but it’s critical when it comes to healthcare. Lencore’s noise reduction systems also allow for the integration of paging and audio which can reinforce emergency messaging from a primary notification system or integrate paging functionality to reinforce your existing nurse call system. Lencore’s systems also allow for pre-recorded and zoned paging, as required, to ensure the right message is delivered at the right time to the right place.

All of Lencore’s sound masking systems are able to accommodate paging and audio integration, all through the same speaker, while integrating with existing communications systems.

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