Financial Institutions & Offices

FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS & OFFICES Protecting personal financial information starts with proper planning.  According to the  Bureau of Consumer Protection, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) requires financial institutions – companies that offer consumers financial products or services like loans,

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Offices & Open Work Spaces

OFFICES & OPEN CONCEPT SPACES More than 40 million North Americans work in open-concept offices.  These designs make better use of space, but they’re an acoustical challenge. Why? More employees use the same space, and everyone is seated closer

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Legal Offices & Facilities

LEGAL APPLICATIONS Protecting legal information is paramount. Speech privacy and reduced noise disruption are necessities for law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms, where confidential conversations demand an atmosphere of control, professionalism and stability. Whether in Interview

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Call Centers

CALL CENTERS Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.  Efficient call handling, reduced turnover and customer loyalty are important goals of most call centers where employees are densely packed in small cubicles or desks. With so many people in

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Government & Military Facilities

GOVERNMENT Classified information must remain secure. In government offices and military facilities, information must remain secured. Lencore enables clients to have immediate access to sound masking and paging settings and system performance to securely monitor and document

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Healthcare Healthcare Facilities are Noisy From large to small in-patient healthcare facilities where a quiet environment ensures better rest and recovery, and where protecting the privacy of patient information is the law, Lencore can provide an improved

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