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Sound Masking for Pharmacies


You may have already experienced Lencore’s state of the art sound masking technology and you don’t even know it. In many of the largest pharmacy retailers in the U.S. Lencore’s sound masking is in-place at the pharmacy counter to ensure patient information remains private. If you notice you can’t easily hear the conversation between the pharmacist and a customer in the consultation window, that’s Lencore’s technology at work. If you can hear these conversations freely, then the pharmacy may not yet have sound masking in place.

Sound masking is a technique used to reduce the intelligibility of speech and other sounds in a given environment by adding background noise. In the context of a pharmacy, sound masking can help protect customer privacy by making it difficult for someone to overhear conversations between customers and pharmacists or other staff members.

By introducing a consistent and non-distracting level of Lencore’s state of the art Green Sound™ into the pharmacy environment, sound masking can help to muffle the sound of conversations and other noises that might otherwise be audible to others in the area. This can make it harder for someone to eavesdrop on sensitive conversations about medication, health conditions, and other personal information that customers may share with their pharmacist or other staff members.

In addition to helping protect customer privacy, sound masking can also create a more comfortable and private environment for customers and staff alike. By reducing the distractions and potential for interruptions from outside noise sources, sound masking can help to create a more focused and relaxing atmosphere for everyone in the pharmacy.

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