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Sound Masking to Raise HCAHPS Scores

Sound masking can have a positive effect on HCAHPS scores in hospitals by reducing the impact of unwanted noise and allowing patients to have a more restful recovery, improving the perception of their hospital experience. HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a patient satisfaction survey that measures patients’ experiences with hospital care. The scores hospitals receive from these surveys determines the level of Medicare funding they are eligible to receive.

Unwanted noise, such as noise from medical equipment, staff conversations, and alarms, can be disruptive and contribute to patient discomfort and stress. In a hospital environment, excess noise can also interrupt sleep and interfere with communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Sound masking involves the use of subtle background noise to reduce the impact of unwanted noise. This background noise can be in the form of white noise or other sounds that are designed to be soothing and non-disruptive. By masking unwanted noise, sound masking can create a more comfortable and calming environment for patients, which may lead to higher HCAHPS scores.

In a study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, researchers found that implementing sound masking in hospital rooms led to a statistically significant improvement in HCAHPS scores related to noise levels and overall patient experience. Specifically, patients reported feeling that their rooms were quieter and more private, and were more likely to recommend the hospital to others.

The use of sound masking in hospitals can be an effective way to improve patients’ perceptions of their hospital experience, which may in turn lead to higher HCAHPS scores. Lencore offers the most effective and advanced sound masking solutions in the industry, and has gained the trust of countless healthcare institutions.

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