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Hybrid & Remote

Hybrid & Remote Solutions

Footsteps in the hallways, your toddler waking up from their afternoon nap, your husband on his conference call in the next room, noise problems are everywhere at home, and they become especially distracting when you’re trying to concentrate on work. As more and more team members work remotely, or split their time between days inside and outside of the office, the need to solve noise problems in the home office has become self-evident.

The same technology used in Lencore’s state of the art sound masking systems with proven results in-office can be applied to the home office. Lencore’s desktop sound masking units can be introduced into any at-home workspace with immediate results.

The Lencore Concentration+ Desktop Sound Masking + Bluetooth Speaker provides noise management through state of the art sound masking technology and Lencore’s scientifically formulated Green Sound™, and also includes the ability to pair any Bluetooth capable device to provide music of your choice when you wish to listen to something in addition to or instead of sound masking.

Lencore’s audio integration technology ensures the in-office team can connect seamlessly with the remote team, all through one audio interface.  

Learn more about creating essential workspaces as the world adapts to hybrid workplace environments.

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