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Small Business Solutions

Noise problems come in all sizes, and no matter the size of your business, Lencore has a noise management solution to fit your space and your budget. Whether you’re solving for speech privacy in a single room, promoting productivity throughout the cubicle or shared work area, or looking to create a soundscape that aligns with the image of your brand in the customer-filled areas of your establishment, Lencore has small business solutions that are adaptable and affordable.

Our systems range from single-speaker desktop units, to overhead solutions for small areas, to complete office sound masking, paging and audio.

Let’s take a look at an example small business office layout to better explain how Lencore can solve your noise management challenges.

All office spaces have different noise challenges, but here are a few common ones with simple noise reduction solutions provided by Lencore.

In the common work area, distractions are everywhere. The co-worker on the phone two desks over, the copier printing a 100 page flier run, the echo of a conversation down the hall, how is anyone able to concentrate on writing that important presentation? By introducing Lencore’s state of the art sound masking technology, directed conversations in close proximity remain comfortable and clear, while background chatter fades away and becomes less distracting. Our scientifically formulated Green Sound™ was created to match human speech frequencies and is set at a level just above the ambient background noise. This allows workers to stay focused and productive on the task at-hand while limiting unwanted distractions.


In the meeting area, conversations are routinely overheard by co-workers just outside of the meeting.  This creates an unwanted distraction to team members who are trying to concentrate on their work, while also unwittingly sharing information from the nearby meeting that may be sensitive. By including Lencore’s sound masking systems in areas adjacent to meeting spaces, intended conversations stay with the intended recipients while keeping focus and productivity the top priority.

In client waiting areas, silence, or worse, overheard conversations from other areas in the workspace can make a few minutes of waiting uncomfortable and potentially costly if it causes a bad client experience. Lencore’s sound masking system can also provide a soundscaped environment that mixes sound masking for privacy with background audio of your choosing, setting the exact mood to match your brand and ensuring a professional experience.

Do you have a specific problem or are you seeking a custom solution to your noise management and workplace communications challenges?  Lencore’s systems are incredibly flexible, yet simple to use.  Our team of technology, acoustical, and facility integration experts are here to help. 

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