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Audio & Speech Privacy

You’re sitting in the doctor’s office exam room waiting to be seen by the physician.  You’re anxious and concerned about your symptoms and hope it will be a quick diagnosis with an easy cure.  As you wait, you hear footsteps in the hallway, the door opens to the neighboring exam room, and then, clear as day, you hear the entire conversation between the doctor and patient next door.  If you can hear their conversation, then surely that patient can hear yours, right?

Speech privacy is important in myriad environments.  In doctors’ offices, patient information is shared verbally in waiting rooms and exam rooms, and far too often this information is overheard by other patients.  In workplaces, conference rooms and private office conversations are meant to be confidential, but does your office environment allow those outside of these private spaces to listen-in?

Lencore’s sound masking systems increase privacy by introducing our scientifically formulated Green Sound™ at ambient speech levels, which keeps conversations private among the intended audience.

Audio privacy is essential, and we provide affordable, scalable, and adaptable solutions to ensure private conversations remain private, allowing everyone to enjoy a more comfortable and secure environment.

Explore how Lencore can increase audio and speech privacy with our sound masking applications for office, healthcare, government, and other custom environments.