Soundscaping & Comfort

Whether you’re sitting in a boutique hotel lobby, a trendy restaurant, or a fancy car dealership, the aesthetics are intentional and have a direct impact on the way customers feel about the environment and their perception of the brand the owners are trying to portray.

Ambiance goes beyond visual design choices.  It also includes smells, tastes, textures, and yes, sounds.  There are practical implications of choosing different sounds for different parts of any given space.  Background music in the lobby to create a comfortable environment for patient customers, nature sounds in the breakaway lounge to support a moment of zen, and Green Sound™ from a sound masking system in the common work areas to create an environment of focus and just the right amount of background ambiance.  Crafting these custom environments is also known as Soundscaping, and Lencore has the perfect system to create the perfect ambiance for your professional or personal space.

Our sound masking solutions are affordable, customizable, and tailored to create the exact aesthetic your space requires.

Explore how Lencore can craft the perfect Soundscape and increase comfort with our applications for office, healthcare, government, and other custom environments.

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Sound scaping is the concept of creating a sonic landscape to match a desired acoustical aesthetic. A sound scape is intended to make the audience feel a certain way – whether it be peaceful (nature sounds), more productive (sound masking), energized (music), or any other desired emotion, a sound scape can be customized to meet the needs of any environment. Lencore’s noise management solutions allow for the creation of custom acoustical environments to sound scape mutliple spaces from one easy-to-control system.

A soundscape refers to the acoustical aesthetic of an environment. For example, the soundscape of the beach may include ocean waves, a summer breeze, seagulls, and children playing in the distance. Lencore provides sound scaping solutions to help customize the acoustics of workplace, healthcare and government environments to be more comfortable, private and productive.

Soundscape in music is defined as an audio recording or performance of sounds that create the sensation of experiencing a particular acoustic environment. Lencore’s noice management solutions allow for different music and sound masking to be played in different areas of a professional environment to provide the desired acoustical aesthetic.

A soundscape is comprised of all the ambient sounds in an environment and the “feeling” those sounds invoke. To make a soundscape, one must consider each sound in an evironment individually and collectively. For instance, Lencore creates soundscapes by introducing our scientifically formulated Green Sound to mask unwanted noise and increase productivity, and can also add background music to selected areas of a professional space to enhance the mood and create the desired aesthetic.