Lencore Speakers

Lencore’s speakers are engineered to provide the highest quality sound and are built to perfectly accentuate our scientifically formulated Green Sound™, the most sophisticated sound masking technology available.

Our high quality speakers are custom built and tuned to enhance the experience of sound masking in several ways:

Improved sound quality:
Our quality speakers reproduce sound more accurately and with greater clarity. This means that the sound masking signal will be more effective at masking unwanted noise, as it will be more consistent and less prone to distortion or interference.

Greater coverage:
Our quality speakers have a wider frequency response and a higher output level, which means that they can cover a larger area with sound masking. This is especially important in large spaces, where multiple speakers may be required to provide effective sound masking coverage, and our speaker designs can accomplish this with greater efficiency.

Our quality speakers offer greater control over the sound masking signal, allowing users to adjust the frequency, volume, and other parameters to suit their specific needs. This can improve the effectiveness of sound masking and make it more adaptable to different environments.

Enhanced comfort:
Our quality speakers produce sound that is more pleasant and relaxing to listen to, which can improve the comfort and well-being of people in the environment. This is especially important in healthcare or therapeutic settings, where patients may be sensitive to noise and require a calming environment. This is also an important point of differentiation with Lencore’s technology. While other sound masking manufacturers essentially produce white noise machines, which are harsh and fatiguing to the listener, our Green Sound™ is as comfortable as it is effective at providing the ideal acoustic environment while limiting unwanted noise.

We offer a wide-array of the highest quality speakers for every environment, including direct fire (downward-facing), up-fire (upward facing), powered (internal amplifier), and passive (external amplifier) speakers. We also offer speakers designed to be fully hidden (in-plenum), decorative speakers, and all-in-one desktop units.

Learn more about our full line of speaker options:

Direct-fire Speakers:

2×2 Tile Speaker: Model G22 / G22-C

Ceiling Plate (Standard/Inline): Model LG035-G545/LG035-G546-INLINE

Decorative Fixed Mount Pendant: Model G870

Decorative Pendant (Standard/Inline): Model G875/G875-INLINE

Decorative Swivel Mount: Model G54

Paging Horn: Model PGHRN

Tangent Speaker: Model G950


Up-fire and In-plenum Speakers

Plenum Speakers (Consolidated): Model G545 (various models)

Solid State Transducer: Model SDSPKR3

Upward Firing Decorative Pendant: Model G999


Powered Speakers

Plenum Speakers (Consolidated): Model LM6

Classic Desktop: Model LDTK

Lencore Concentration+ Sound Masking + Bluetooth Desktop Speaker: Model LD22