Sound Masking Vs. White Noise

How is White Noise Different from Sound Masking?    There is a common association between white noise and sound masking, specifically as it relates to white noise in offices or other facilities. White noise is thought to

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How to Choose the Right Sound Masking System

Lencore’s Guide to Choosing a Sound Masking System  Honestly, you don’t need to choose. Simply by answering a few questions about the site and providing Lencore with a floor plan with what areas you want covered by

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Designing the Office of the Future

What Does the Office of the Future Look Like?  Working together Means Making the Office Work for Each Other The cheapest and most efficient way to do research on the office is to get out of the

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Increase Patient Satisfaction and Comfort

From Small to Large Healthcare Facilities where a quiet environment ensures better rest and recovery, and protecting the privacy of patient information is the law, Lencore Sound Masking helps create a balanced, comfortable environment that’s not too

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