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Quiet room within an office depicting soundproofing vs. sound masking

Sound Masking vs. Soundproofing

Sound Masking 101: The Difference Between Soundproofing and Sound Masking Managing noise is not just a preference but a necessity for maintaining productivity and privacy. The concepts of soundproofing and sound masking, often mistaken for interchangeable solutions,

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Sound Masking 101: Is Sound Masking Worth it?

Sound Masking 101: Is Sound Masking Worth it? Silence can be deafening. How do you create an environment that is comfortable and productive? The answer is simple: Sound Masking. What Is Sound Masking? Sound masking is an engineered

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Government building with sound masking inside

Government Sound Masking Installation Best Practices

Efficient Sound Masking Installation for Government Buildings: Best Practices In the intricate fabric of government facilities, where confidentiality and focus are paramount, achieving a consistent acoustic environment becomes a critical undertaking. Enter the world of sound masking,

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White Noise Effects on Patient Sleep in Hospitals

White Noise Effects on Patient Sleep in Hospitals In the world of healthcare, ensuring patients’ comfort and well-being is of paramount importance. Hospitals strive to provide the best care, including facilitating an environment conducive to rest and

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Sound Masking for Incidental Disclosure & HIPAA

Preventing Incidental Disclosure & HIPAA Violations with Sound Masking In the healthcare industry, protecting patient privacy and preventing accidental disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) are paramount concerns. Maintaining a secure environment where conversations remain confidential is

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What is Green Sound & Green Noise?

What Is Green Sound and Green Noise? There has been a recent rise in color noise popularity – white, pink, brown and green. But green noise and Green Sound are not the same thing even though they

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Are Sound Masking Systems Worth the Cost?

Is Sound Masking Technology Worth the Cost? If not the number one complaint in the office, noise distractions are certainly in the top five reasons office occupants struggle to be productive. Indirect conversations overheard by an unintended

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How Open Plan Office Designs Affect Productivity

How Open Office Spaces Affect Productivity Open plan office design is nothing new. Whether you buy into the theory that open plan offices increase collaboration, productivity and innovation or if you take the position that real estate

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Pink Noise vs. White Noise in Sound Masking

Pink Noise vs. White Noise in Sound Masking From white noise YouTube videos to professional sound masking solutions, there are a variety of ways to drown out or reduce noise. Noise management is a common concern in

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How to Protect Speech Privacy with Sound Masking

How Sound Masking Can Protect Speech Privacy Speech privacy impacts three topics of concern: Direct Conversation, Productivity, and Privacy Laws. Do you ever feel like your sensitive conversations are being overheard unwarranted by those around you? Are

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Sound Masking Vs. White Noise

How is Noise Cancellation & White Noise Different from Sound Masking?  There is a common association between noise cancellation and sound masking, specifically as it relates to white noise in offices or other facilities. Noise cancellation is

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How to Choose the Right Sound Masking System

Lencore’s Guide to Choosing a Sound Masking System  Honestly, you don’t need to choose. Simply by answering a few questions about the site and providing Lencore with a floor plan with what areas you want covered by

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Designing the Office of the Future

What Does the Office of the Future Look Like?  Working together Means Making the Office Work for Each Other The cheapest and most efficient way to do research on the office is to get out of the

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Top 5 Company Re-Opening Plan Considerations

Top 5 Company Re-Opening Plan Considerations We see a light at the end of the tunnel with the COVID-19 pandemic. As vaccinations increase and regulations are lifted, companies are making their re-opening plans. Here are some top

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