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Communications, Paging & Audio

Need to call a quick team huddle, page a sales manager to meet a customer in the lobby, or notify the nursing floor of a code blue?  Lencore’s sound masking system can integrate paging and pre-recorded audio messaging tailored to specific areas or throughout the entire building.  Plus, Lencore offers the only UL2572 compliant system which allows for integration into the fire panel and other mass notification systems, to turn off sound masking in the event of an emergency with the ability to reinforce a primary notification system and amplify the message.

That may sound like a lot of technical jargon, but it means you are able to effectively and immediately communicate with your employees and patrons while keeping them safe and productive.

When creating the aesthetic your brand requires, Lencore crafts a Soundscape customized to your environment, with the easy integration of communications, paging, and background audio.

Explore our applications for office, healthcare, government, and other custom environments.