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Lencore provides an extensive library of collateral for our systems and on specific industry solutions. The collateral below is intended to provide  educational matter in order to understand overviews of engineered system solutions and how Lencore approaches industry challenges. 

i.Net® Brochure        

Read about Lencore's Networked Sound Masking System. Download

Referenced Standards

Does your Sound Masking System comply with the necessary shut down sequence in the event of an emergency?


Classic Brochure

Read about Lencore's Non-networked sound masking system. Download

Sound Masking Overview

An overview of sound masking - what it is, how it works and the critical criteria for a successful system. Download

Lencore Check List

Lencore's S.M.A.R.T.™ (Sound Masking Assessment Review Template) Check List. Download

Healthcare Brochure

Sound Masking for Patient Privacy, Comfort and Satisfaction. Download

n.FORM™ Brochure

A system brochure for the n.FORM™ Mass Notification Solution. Download

Referenced Standards

Does your Mass Notification System comply with NFPA 72 and meet the UL 2572 Standard?


Ambient Sound and Life Safety

Per NFPA 72, Ambient Sound is required to be shut down or muted in order to clearly communicate in the event of an emergency.


MNEC Flyer


MNEC Primer



Scientifically proven to increase focus and reduce distractions, Lengo's individual productivity service works in tandem with Lencore's sound masking solutions, delivering privacy and comfort for larger office environments.                         Download

Experience Lencore

An overview on our system solutions and why companies choose Lencore for privacy, comfort and life safety. Download

Paging & Audio Overview

An overview of paging and audio and the characteristics any facility should consider. Download

Preventative Maintenance and On Call Service Program

Providing a full range of maintenance and support. Download