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GoldTM All-Inclusive Unit

Lencore Gold All-In-One solution provides up to 12,000 square feet of coverage. This single, 1 RU rack mounted solution replaces the bulky headend equipment previously associated with sound masking systems. Gold incorporates (8)  channels (for a total of 64 speakers) that can be digitally controlled for zone management. 


This out of the box, stand-alone system incorporates amplifiers, equalizers, zone modification and total control in one unit. The system maintains the easy to use full one third octave band equalizer that can be adjusted to either individual zones or all zones and provides exceptional fine- tuning capabilities.

Features Include:

  • 8 independent channels (for a total of 64 speakers)
  • Two IR Ports
  • Additional Audio Source Input 
  • Front Panel push buttons for user input and setup
  • Integrated LCD screen for displaying information
  • Built in Protocessor to control the networked system from virtually anywhere 
  • Internal monitoring of system performance (including the operation of the network, program, memory, power, and characteristics of sound masking)


Gold Brochure

Gold Data Sheet

Gold Design, Installation and Operation Guidelines

Gold Direct Fired Tangent Speaker Data Sheet

Gold Universal Plenum Speaker Data Sheet

Gold Decorative Pendant Speaker Data Sheet

Gold Specification