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As architects and designers, you can visualize a space before it is built and your clients expect you to add your expertise to ensure that their built environments look, feel and perform to the standards that they want met.  Incorporating Lencore Sound Masking, Paging & Mass Notification Solutions enables you to address the privacy, comfort, communication capabilities and safety within these environments and adds to your value of delivering a beautiful and extremely functional aesthetic.

Sound Masking: A Valuable Addition to Your Space Plan

As an architect or interior designer, you've worked hard to give your space plan everything: high visual impact; functionality; comfort; and perhaps 'green' or 'smart' elements. Every aspect of your design — whether structural or decorative — creates a feeling for your clients and their employees … a feeling that affects their daily work.

Poor acoustics can dramatically change the way your space is perceived. A space that is too quiet or too noisy can be tough to work in and if your employees love the way the space looks, but pick up to work in the conference room every time they are under deadline, the space is not working right.   Acoustical problems are usually misunderstood, and environments that are considered too “noisy” in reality may have too little noise.  With regard to privacy, occupants in closed offices might believe they have it, but quickly realize that they do not.  Finally, many of the design elements within a space can contribute to the way that sound performs within the space, reverberation levels and the clarity or lack of clarity of sound within an environment.  All of these factors can be improved with the right approach to acoustics and the incorporation of sound masking.

Spectra i.Net Building Information Modeling (BIM) Offering

An overview of Lencore's Building Information Modeling (BIM) offering for designing in Revit.


Spectra i.Net BIM Offering

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