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Government & Military Facilities

Sound Masking in Government & Military Facilities

Sound masking is used in government and military facilities to help protect sensitive information and conversations from being overheard by unauthorized individuals. These facilities often handle classified or confidential information, and as such, there is a need for measures to prevent eavesdropping and espionage.

Sound masking is used in these facilities to create a consistent level of background noise that helps to mask the sound of conversations and other noises, making it difficult for individuals outside of the secure areas to overhear what is being said. This helps to protect the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive discussions related to national security, military strategy, and other classified information.

In addition to protecting sensitive conversations, sound masking can also be used to improve speech privacy in open-plan offices and other collaborative workspaces in government and military facilities. By introducing a consistent level of background noise, sound masking can help to reduce distractions and create a more focused work environment.

It is important to note that sound masking is just one of several measures used in government and military facilities to protect sensitive information and maintain confidentiality. Other measures may include physical security, access control measures, and data encryption, among others.

Lencore has deep experience providing sound masking technology to a number of government and military facilities.

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Classified information must remain secure.

In government offices and military facilities, information must remain secured. Lencore enables clients to have immediate access to sound masking and paging settings and system performance to securely monitor and document privacy levels. With Lencore, sensitive and secure information is protected and depending upon the application, normal and confidential speech privacy can be obtained.

Lencore offers additional security features for overall monitoring and provides reporting capabilities for system settings and functionality. The system can even provide an alert should any of the sound masking units be tampered with to alert security of potential risk.  With system status features, Lencore systems offer the chance to take system data to create information that can provide intelligence.

Used in hundreds of SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) Lencore systems provide the level of speech privacy that sensitive installations and government facilities require.


  • Constructing rooms with high sound attenuation can be pricey. To save on construction costs, walls are built to the ceiling and not to the deck, preventing the blocking of sound. 
  • Client personally identifiable information can be overheard by others waiting for service.
  • Sensitive and confidential information can be overheard from neighboring offices.
  • Without proper acoustics, unauthorized personnel can overhear, access, and steal sensitive, classified, and/or Top-Secret intelligence.
  • Explicit requirements must be met for the construction and maintenance of SCIFs (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) in accordance with criteria set forth in DCID 6/9 – Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.
  • Speech privacy and reduced noise disruption are necessities for law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms, where confidential conversations demand an atmosphere of control, professionalism and stability. Whether in Interview rooms,  deliberation rooms, law offices or judge chambers, sound masking systems help hundreds of legal and law professionals maintain proper privacy levels to ensure client attorney privileged information remains private.
  • With the ability to customize sound masking levels for any number of types of rooms or chambers, and with immediate, networked access and real time adjustment capabili­ties, Lencore truly provides customized privacy solutions.
“Lencore sound masking exceeded our expectations and was by far the most important aspect of the successful implementation of our project.”
Paul DeGroot
Facility Manager / Knight Ridder

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