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Protecting legal information is paramount.

Speech privacy and reduced noise disruption are necessities for law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms, where confidential conversations demand an atmosphere of control, professionalism and stability. Whether in Interview rooms,  deliberation rooms, law offices or judge chambers, sound masking systems help hundreds of legal and law professionals maintain proper privacy levels to ensure client attorney privileged information remains private.

With the ability to customize sound masking levels for any number of types of rooms or chambers, and with immediate, networked access and real time adjustment capabili­ties, Lencore truly provides customized privacy solutions.


  • Without a high level of speech privacy in law offices, law enforcement agencies, and courtrooms, justice may not be carried out fairly.
  • Interview rooms and processing areas lack speech privacy because walls are built to the ceiling and not to the deck.
  • Overhearing statements can pose a threat to both witness and victim safety.
  • Discussions between clients and attorneys, judge and counsel, and jury deliberations can easily be overheard within the courtroom.
  • Unwanted noise from the adjoining corridors can interrupt court proceedings.
  • Confidential conversations can be overheard in adjacent courtrooms, hallways or in adjoining public areas
“Lencore raised the bar on Sound Masking. What really surprised me were the advancements in technology that delivered even better masking than I expected.”
Joel Smith
Neumann/Smith Architecture

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