Increase Patient Satisfaction and Comfort

From Small to Large Healthcare Facilities

where a quiet environment ensures better rest and recovery, and protecting the privacy of patient information is the law, Lencore Sound Masking helps create a balanced, comfortable environment that’s not too quiet, not too loud, but just right.

What is Lencore Sound Masking? The introduction of a gentle sound into the space to cover human speech. When designed properly, Sound Masking can help reduce the risk of HIPAA violations and boost HCAHPS scores. Additionally, Lencore’s i.Net system meets today’s standards for safety with it’s ability to shut off in the event of an emergency in order to allow an intelligible message to direct patients and occupants. 

For about a $1 per square foot, this solution has a powerful Return on Investment.

# 1 in Comfort

A great sound makes no noise. Lencore is the leading sound masking provider in comfort. Our sound is so comfortable, you won’t even know it’s on. Help protect patient privacy with Lencore.

Experience the Comfort

 Lencore sound masking solutions are:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Unobtrusive

Protect Patient and Staff Privacy

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) mandates how a healthcare provider implements safeguards to protect patient privacy. 

Adhering to this mandate can be difficult when patient and provider conversations occur in an open indoor environment, such as dentist or orthodontist offices, waiting rooms, reception areas, and exam rooms. A HIPAA violation can be very detrimental to a medical practice – it can damage a practice’s reputation and also result in fines.

Lencore  sound masking can help reduce the risk of HIPAA violations.

Did You Know?

Sound Masking can also be used in pharmacies, dental offices and clinics to protect speech privacy and help achieve HIPAA compliance. Download our Dental Brochure to learn more.