ONLINE COURSE: Sound Masking for the Redesigned Workplace

Create Essential Workspaces

As barriers go up, hard antiviral surfaces are integrated, workspaces are moved apart, and office capacity is uncertain, it is essential to maintain a productive, comfortable and collaborative work environment. Sound masking helps by introducing a consistent level of background sound to maximize productivity, increase collaboration and boost employee satisfaction through comfort.

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How Does Sound Masking Work?

How Does Sound Masking Work? Sound Masking does not cancel sound, but rather covers up unwanted noise in an environment, thereby making the space seem quieter and providing both speech privacy and comfort. The intention of sound masking is to make conversations

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Return On Investment

How Does Sound Masking Boost Productivity? Sound Masking is designed to create speech privacy – making occupied workstations less disruptive and distracting, as well as providing a more comfortable work environment. The value sound masking provides is

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Sound Masking During COVID19

Quiet offices aren’t really distracting because they’re too quiet; rather, they prove troublesome when noise eventually occurs and breaks the silence. Sound masking can ‘remove’ that silence. We do not all know what the work environment will

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