Audio Interface – Model G3475

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The i.Net Audio Interface is used to send line level audio from the Lencore system to an external device such as an amplifier. The Audio Interface converts and transformer isolates the speaker level audio from an OP to line level audio.

The Audio Interface can be used with an i.Net in-plenum OP.
Connections to the i.Net Audio Interface are simple. One RJ45 cable from any i.Net OP speaker channel to the input of the i.Net Audio Interface and one connection (two-wire, 1/8” jack, or RCA) from the i.Net Audio Interface audio output to the external device’s line level input.

The i.Net Audio Interface is a rack mountable unit and is only 1 rack unit in height. It does not require an external power source.

Install Manual

Wire Requirements

  • Cat 5e cable or equivalent for audio input.