Jordna Hub – Model G420

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Available as part of the i.Net System, the Jordna Hub provides the ability to split the system’s signal and distribute it to multiple points. It provides an input that connects to the i.Net System’s Operating Platforms (OP’s) and has four outputs that enable the Hub to branch to other OP locations in separate buildings or facilities. When the need for wider system coverage and signal distribution is required, Hubs can be connected to each other, providing clients with almost infinite scalability to meet future growth.

The Hub can also be used to simplify wire management and provide a clean connection for communication cables that run between the web device and the OP. This connection is done using 16 gauge, 2-conductor wire. The networked capabilities of the i.Net System enable it to address any facility connected through the system and Hub(s), on site, off site, and remotely for 24/7 access

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Industry Listings

  • UL 60065