MPI-2 Global Rack Unit – Model G1510

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Lencore’s Music Page Interface (MPI) Global Rack Unit is used in conjunction with Lencore’s Local MPI G1505 and utilizing a client’s existing telephone system (with open ports across multiple buildings), the Global MPI allows a user to send an all-call page to every connected building at once. This allows real time communication for company or campus wide announcements. However, in the case of a localized emergency the system’s tiered paging provides for a top priority, emergency microphone page override per station.

The unmatched capabilities of the Global/Local MPI combination allows for crystal clear broadcasts and emergency communications, regardless of whether the facilities are located across the street from each other, across the country or around the world. When used with Lencore’s i.Net System, the user friendly web interface allows for secure 24/7 access to the system and the ability to view system settings, set timed events, and run system diagnostics from virtually anywhere The MPI unit typically installs in the Telephone or IT closet. The MPI accepts a POTS line for all-call telephone paging, a microphone input, and there is one RCA input for an all-call microphone page (requires Lencore’s pre-amp G780).

Install Manual

Features and Capabilities

  • One direct mic input and a second line-level mic input for paging.
  • Front panel LEDs. Various front panel LEDs indicate various functions and activity of the unit.
  • Analog phone input.
  • Built-in speaker for testing/troubleshooting.
  • Single turn pot to adjust the paging input signal levels.
  • Ability to connect a Local MPI.