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G623505 Music Page Interface Rack Shelf (MPI)


Lencore’s Music Page Interface (MPI) replaces all the bulky
headend equipment that that is associated with music and paging
systems. With the MPI there is no need for additional cable
homeruns, amplifiers, separate equalizers, special switching
equipment or matching vendors for compatible product interfaces.
The MPI’s technology is so sophisticated that it can allow zone
additions, modifications, deletions and other changes to the
paging system on the fly, without rewiring. This eliminates the need
for running multiple home runs back to the electrical closet or
through building risers to create separate or additional zones.
The MPI allows the ability to use up to 99 individual zones for
paging using standard DTMF tones through a POTS telephone
line. The system is also programmed for all-call and emergency
broadcast paging. The system’s easy to use full one octave band
equalizer can be adjusted to either individual zones or all zones
and provides exceptional fine tuning capabilities. When the MPI is
connected to the i.Net’s web appliance (i.LON®), programming
can be set for up to 1.5 million square feet of space through a
single device. The i.Net® MPI incorporates Point Z™ technology
allowing each individual speaker channel to carry up to 10
programmable zones. Paging has never been so versatile & clean.
The creation, modification, addition and deletion of zones or
groups for paging and masking can be easily controlled through
the i.LON’s web browser using the included Lencore Sound
Manager. No proprietary software needs to be installed on the
client’s side, eliminating security and migration issues.
i.Net is an open platform system. In addition, volume and equalizer
settings for paging and music can be programmed through the
System Manager or i.Net Reports offering tremendous adjustment
and control capabilities with unprecedented flexibility.




Adaptive Equalization: The unmatched capabilities and superior
paging quality of Lencore’s system automatically compensates and
readjusts for frequency line loss while ensuring a quality signal that
is continuously and uniformly broadcast and distributed throughout
the entire system. Essentially this means that throughout the miles
of audio wire, line loss will be virtually negligible. This results in a
crystal clear page whenever you need it, wherever you are in your

The MPI unit typically installs in the Telephone or IT closet. The MPI
accepts a POTS line for all-call and zoned telephone paging. In
adition, there are left and right audio inputs for music, all-call page,
microphone input and testing input.