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Top 10 Reasons Employees Want To Return To The Office

Top 10 Reasons Employees Want To Return To The Office

Remote working’s isolation, longer hours, poor home office setups, sitting for prolonged periods and blurred lines between home and office are taking a toll on the workforce. Here are some top reasons employees want to head back to the office: 

  1. To be more connected to the company culture: It’s challenging to foster a spirit of collaboration and improve employee satisfaction when some people are in the office and others are in their homes.
  2. To socialize with their colleagues: It’s hard for entry-level workers get socialized into the office culture with continued remote work. Even with the adoption of Zoom and other tools, socialization is still suffering. It can be easy to get lost, confused, or overwhelmed without the leadership most are used to in a normal workplace.
  3. To Collaborate or attend meetings in person.
  4. To be exposed to informal learning opportunities.
  5. To separate work from their personal lives.
  6. To feel more in tune with what’s happening in the business.
  7. To have a better workspace set-up.
  8. To network and be more visible to leadership.
  9. To get better access to tools and physical resources.
  10. To improve overall well-being: Getting dressed up and having in-person conversations helps support mental and physical well-being.

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