Literature & Collateral

Lencore provides an extensive library of collateral for our systems and on specific industry solutions. The collateral below is intended to provide  educational matter in order to understand overviews of engineered system solutions and how Lencore approaches industry challenges. 


i.Net Brochure
Lencore’s Networked Sound Masking System

i.Net Healthcare Brochure
i.Net’s intelligent network is the most sophisticated sound masking and paging in the industry.

Referenced Standards
Does your Sound Masking System comply with the necessary shut down sequence in the event of an emergency?



Lencore’s All-In-One Networked Sound Masking Solution (for environments up to 12,000 square feet)


Comfort and Privacy for Dental Offices
Lencore’s Gold Sound Masking Solution can help achieve an environment where patients feel as ease.



Classic Brochure
Lencore’s Non-networked sound masking system.

Sound Masking


Sound Masking Overview
An overview of sound masking – what it is, how it works and the critical criteria for a successful system.